Infinity pool

Welcome to Pu Luong Jungle Lodge - the perfect destination for nature enthusiasts and those seeking an exceptional relaxation experience. At our resort, we take pride in introducing you to two unique swimming pools where you can immerse yourself in refreshing waters while gazing at the majestic mountain peaks and the sprawling terraced rice fields that stretch towards the horizon.

The first pool, spanning an impressive 150m2, offers a panoramic view of lush green terraced fields and the grandeur of the mountain range. It's an ideal spot to indulge in the cool embrace of the water, embrace the serenity of nature, and unwind after a day of continuous exploration. The pool features a built-in hydraulic jacuzzi system for enhanced relaxation after your Pu Luong adventures.

The second pool, covering an area of 65m2, boasts vibrant colors and a Bali-inspired design, nestled right beside a crystal-clear stream. This pool includes a dedicated area for children (with a depth of approximately 70cm) and an adult area with depths ranging from 1.4m to 1.5m. Designed with the unique architectural style of Bali, this pool provides a space of tranquility and calm. The pool water is filtered through a modern system from the natural spring source, ensuring an invigorating and safe bathing experience for your well-being.

The pool water is not only refreshingly cool but also highly beneficial for your health. Imagine yourself immersed in the revitalizing waters, surrounded by the beauty of the natural world, and letting go of the daily worries. This undoubtedly creates an unforgettable experience in your journey of exploring nature at Pu Luong Jungle Lodge.