About us

Pu Luong Jungle Lodge was built as its named: small house in Pu Luong forest. Following the principle of "Building a house within the forest instead of clearing trees to build one," Pu Luong Jungle Lodge encompasses 1.6 hectares with over 30 different perennial plant species on its premises, creating a sanctuary that is safe, natural, comfortable, and environmentally friendly.

Located 170km away from Hanoi, with approximately 4 hours of travel, Pu Luong Jungle Lodge sits at the heart of the Pu Luong Nature Reserve. It's a place where you can immerse yourself in the beauty and simple daily life of the mountainous region's inhabitants.

All our private rooms come with balconies offering sweeping views of the garden, terraced fields, mountains, or the pool. You won't find entertainment amenities like TVs in any of our rooms because we aim to promote a lifestyle intertwined with nature, providing you with the utmost relaxation, completely detached from the bustling urban routine.

Committed to community development, Pu Luong Jungle Lodge is oriented towards eco-tourism, generating employment for the local indigenous people. All of our employees are from local Thai ethnic individuals. We ask guests to be patient and kind when ordering in English, and that in the event of any language barriers, you can always find someone to help you at Reception. Pu Luong Jungle Lodge sincerely appreciates your understanding.