Discovering a new captivating spot in Pu Luong that remains unknown to the majority of tourists

Pòm Pá Lau has become a captivating spot, especially for international travelers visiting Pu Luong Jungle Lodge. Its rugged charm and breathtaking panoramic views overlooking the village have drawn significant attention.


Situated approximately 2km behind Pu Luong Jungle Lodge, Pòm Pá Lau is a naturally rugged spot nestled in Bam village, Thanh Lam commune. It serves as a resting place for locals or those embarking on mountain adventures, offering a panoramic view of Bam, Đon, Lan, Uoi, Nong Cong, and Bang villages, with Pu Luong Jungle Lodge discreetly nestled on the mountainside.


Continuing the journey through the core of the jungle towards the high mountain peaks and bamboo forests, where remnants of an old wartime airstrip lie, visitors can immerse themselves in the consecutive bamboo forests stretching across lush green mountain ranges. The rhythmic sounds of grazing buffalo and the melodious songs of the jungle birds create a harmonious symphony.

The discovery of the sunrise spot, known only to the locals, adds another layer to the allure of Pòm Pá Lau


With its majestic and tranquil natural scenery, Pòm Pá Lau becomes a familiar place for locals to seek the beauty of sunrise or sunset. The most stunning moments of the day unfold as the early morning sunlight casts its glow on the terraced fields and the morning mist gracefully lingers along the mountain slopes, creating a serene and poetic landscape.

For those with limited time to catch the sunrise or sunset, the mountainous scenery of Pòm Pá Lau can still offer delightful snapshots. The vast sky, green mountains, peacefully grazing herds of cattle, and the rustling sound of the forest trees contribute to a profoundly serene ambiance.


Pòm Pá Lau is not tailored for those seeking luxurious tourism services and amenities but serves as a place for exploration and immersion in nature. The only way to reach this hidden gem is through trekking. If you are a nature enthusiast who enjoys trekking through the jungle and mountains, do not miss out on this trail.

Some important notes for trekking Pòm Pá Lau:


  • Pòm Pá Lau features a trekking route through the jungle with challenging and steep sections, not suitable for older adults and young children.

  • As Pòm Pá Lau remains a pristine natural area, visitors are advised to maintain general hygiene and avoid littering.

  • Being a newly discovered destination, services are limited, so travelers should come prepared with sufficient food and camping equipment if planning an overnight stay. Pu Luong Jungle Lodge offers day trekking tours; contact +84966362002 for pricing and detailed itineraries.

  • The trail includes many small and winding paths, making it easy to get lost. Therefore, it is highly recommended to trek with a local guide.